SG's Message



The unfolding of this new year offers us a fresh opportunity and platform to shape the year with our efforts and achievements. Here, at the National Bureau of Statistics, we have commenced the year 2024 with a renewed determination to fulfil our mandate of producing reliable, timely and robust data for planning and evidence-based decision-making for development and national progress.

The past year was eventful, marked by the completion of various activities. Notably, we released the results for the Nigeria Labour Force Survey using an enhanced methodology and completed the pilot phase of the digitalisation of the data collection process for the Consumer Price Index. Additionally, we successfully concluded data collection for the National Agricultural Sample Survey (NASS), the Nigeria Living Standard Survey (NLSS), the third round of the Corruption Survey, as well as preliminary activities for the drafting of a new National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS). These endeavours, combined with our regular releases, kept us focused on our mandate of providing timely data for stakeholders.

As we step into this new year, our focus remains unwavering. We have already initiated the data collection activities for the 5th wave of the General Household Survey (GHS) Panel for the post-harvest season and the 2024 Nigeria Labour Force Survey. Concurrently, we are concentrating on the rebasing of the Consumer Price Index and Gross Domestic Product, which we aim to complete this year. Preparations have also been concluded for an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Assessment Survey, a Security Assessment Survey, and a Migration Survey. The results from these surveys will be instrumental in addressing pertinent issues affecting the current socio-economic realities of our nation, aiding government and policymakers in informed decision-making. We also plan to launch the results from the NLSS during the course of the year, which will offer insights into poverty estimates using monetary approach, as well as provide significant input into the ongoing CPI and GDP rebasing.

Our relentless pursuit to build a world-class National Statistical Office and an exceptional National Statistical System continues. In this regard, we are actively working on establishing a Data Innovation Lab at the NBS Headquarters. The purpose of this lab is to create data-driven solutions for development in Nigeria, utilizing the power of data and technology to address developmental challenges. This initiative supports evidence-based decision-making at all levels and advances economic growth, through the application of data generated from multiple sources. Plans are also underway to establish a GIS lab for geo-spatial modelling to support the goal of geo-referenced infrastructure and demographic data for development (GRID3). Additionally, the launch of the strategy document for the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics will further support the development of the Nigerian Statistical System at all levels, creating a foundation for producing data in new and emerging areas.

Our overarching goal is to produce data that guides government decisions and policymaking for good governance and development. To achieve this, we are developing a data integration framework to support the implementation of the 8-point agenda of the federal government.

While our goals may seem daunting, we are prepared to face them head-on, overcoming any challenges that may arise. We eagerly stand ready to collaborate with partners and stakeholders who share our vision of creating a statistical system that drives development at all levels. The doors of the NBS remain open to all our users, as we intensify efforts to enhance statistical literacy within the populace.

We are thankful for the ongoing support from the federal government and all our partners, along with the trust vested in our data. Our commitment is stronger than ever to uphold the utmost standards in all our data production processes, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality data possible. We look forward to making statistical history with our achievements this year.

Wishing you all a prosperous and productive 2024.

Best Wishes,

Prince Adeyemi Adeniran

Statistician-General of the Federation/ Chief Executive Officer

National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria.