Commencement of the National Business Sample Survey(NBSS)

Press Release Abuja, 2nd Feb., 2021


Following the successful completion of listing of Establishments, a component of National Business Sample Census (NBSC), the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has commenced National Business Sample Survey (NBSS), otherwise known as the survey of establishments. NBSS is also a component of NBSC which involves in-depth study of sampled establishments based on the sectors identified in NBC.

The objectives of the National Business Sample Survey include;

  • To re – base the Gross National Product (GDP) from 2010 to 2018/2019
  • To provide sectorial data at National and State levels.
  • To determine the structure of the Nigerian Economy.
  • To determine the sectors that drive the Nigerian economy and those that require government intervention to improve them.
  • To serve as a benchmark for subsequent commercial and industrial Sector Statistics Surveys

The survey covers the thirty-six (36) states of the Federation, including FCT. In all, seventeen sectors of the Nigerian economy will be covered during the Survey Exercise.

Already, Data collection on the Survey by NBS staff has commenced with lodgments of questionnaires in the selected establishments. NBS appeals to the selected establishments to provide the necessary information for the survey as their participation is germane for the successful completion of the survey exercise.


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