ESRI recognizes NBS amongst other international organisations with Special Achievement in GIS Award 2018

The Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award ceremony is held at the annual Esri User Conference. Jack Dangermond, president and founder of Esri, personally selects recipients and presides over the ceremony. As NBS sets new precedents throughout the GIS community with the implementation of The Nigeria Assets Decision Support System (NADSS).

The Nigeria Assets Decision Support System (NADSS) is a database of Nigeria’s human capital, agricultural, and infrastructure resources upon which modelling functionality has been built. The database is based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) and when completed will be made accessible via a web-portal. It will be used to critically evaluate complex systems and alternative approaches and analyse data in order to improve economic planning and decision-making on infrastructure investments.

Business Problem Solved

NADSS will be used to model different scenarios, identify key investments that will have significant positive impact for Nigerians, and provide informed guidance on policy formulation, economic planning and decision-making on capital budget investments

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Server License (Standard) 
ArcGIS Desktop with Extensions (5 users)

Development Team Biography

GIS Manager - Biyi Fafunmi (BSc Statistics, MSc GIS) 
GIS Technician - Lucky Ogidan (BSc Computer Science, Trainning in GIS) 

3 Data Editors 
2 GIS Map Designer 

1 GIS Application Developer 
1 System Administrator

Key Indicators
Latest Reports
  Fri Dec 14 2018 08:01:29

CPI and Inflation Report November 2018
(CPI and Inflation Reports)

  Tue Dec 11 2018 11:39:57

Nigerian Capital Importation (Q3 2018)
(Capital Importation)

  Mon Dec 10 2018 15:57:20

Foreign Trade in Goods Statistics (Q3 2018)
(International Trade Reports)

  Mon Dec 10 2018 08:02:45

Nigerian Gross Domestic Product Report (Q3 2018)
(GDP Quarterly Reports)

  Mon Dec 3 2018 07:45:46

Power Sector Report: Energy Generated and Sent Out and Consumed and Load Allocation (Q3 2018)
(Power Sector)

  Fri Nov 30 2018 08:43:03

Selected Banking Sector Data: Sectorial Breakdown of Credit, ePayment Channels and Staff Strength (Q3 2018)

  Wed Nov 28 2018 14:02:32

Petroleum Products Imports and Consumption (Truck Out) Statistics (Q3 2018)
(Petroleum )

  Tue Nov 27 2018 09:51:17

Internally Generated Revenue At State Level Q2 2018
(Internally Generated Revenue)

  Mon Nov 26 2018 14:01:32

Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) (September 2018 Disbursement)

  Fri Nov 23 2018 23:36:42

Selected Food Prices Watch (October 2018)

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