Annual Postal Services Data (2018)

Annual Postal Services Data  (2018)

The Nigerian Postal Service earned a total sum of N7.05bn as revenue in 2018. EMS/Speedpost generated the highest amount of revenue of N1.84bn representing about 26.16% of the total revenue generated in the year. Parcel clearance/delivery fee, stamp proceeds and international mail income followed closely with N1.60bn, N1.04bn and N560.96m revenues generated representing 22.76%, 14.77% and 7.95% of the total revenue generated respectively.
The agency handled a total of 20,117,730 mails domestically and internationally in 2018. 9,264,957 mails which represent about 46.05% of the total mails were handled locally while 2,499,631 mails which represent about 12.43% of the total mails were dispatched abroad. 8,353,142 mails which represent about 41.52% of the total mails were received from abroad and delivered in Nigeria.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics


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