Power Sector Report: Energy Generated and Sent Out and Consumed and Load Allocation (Q1 2018)

Consumer Price Index (CPI) January 2016

The power generation statistics for Q1 2018 reflected that a total average of 92,747 MWh of energy was generated daily by power stations.
Daily energy generation attained a peak of 105,755 MWh on the 14th of March 2018. Thermal stations generated 89,405 MWh of this while the hydro stations generated 16,350 MWh.
However, the lowest daily energy generation, 14,357 MWh was attained on 30 of March 2018 as thermal stations generated all the 14,357 MWh while no energy was generated from hydro stations.
Total number of consumers with prepaid meters (PPM) increased by 6.23% to 1.59m customers in Q1 2018 from 1.50m customers in Q4 2017. Benin Disco has the highest percentage with 17.79% of the total customers metered. This is closely followed by Abuja Disco with 16.40% and Ibadan Disco with 15.99% respectively while Yola Disco recorded the least percentage of the total customers metered with 2.35% and closely followed by Jos Disco and Kano disco with 3.42% and 3.97% respectively.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics