Pension Asset and Membership Data (Q1 - Q3 2017)

Pension Asset and Membership Data  (Q1 – Q3 2017)

The Pension Asset and RSA Membership Data Q1 – Q3 2017 reflected that 7,710,564 workers are registered under the pension scheme compared to 7,589,936 590 registered workers in Q2 2017 while the Pension Fund Asset under Management as at Q3 2017 stood at N7,164mln as against N6,832mln in Q2 2017.
FGN Bonds has the highest weight percentage of 54.09% of the total pension fund assets and closely followed by treasury bills with 17.73% weight and domestic ordinary Shares with 8.66% weight while infrastructure funds has the least with 0.07% weight.
Participants within the age distribution below 40years have the highest percentage composition closely followed by participants less than 30 years and within the age bracket of 40-49 years while participants above 60years has the least percentage composition.

Date source: National Bureau of Statistics / National Pension Commissio