Road Transport Data (Q1 2017)

Road Transport Data
(Q1 2017)

The Q1 2017 road transport data reflected that 2,556 road crashes occurred in Q1 2017. Speed violation is reported as the major cause of road crashes in Q1 and it accounted for 42.69% of the total road crashes reported. Loss of control and dangerous driving followed closely as they both accounted for 12.73% and 7.34% of the total road crashes recorded. A total of 8,672 Nigerians got injured in the road traffic crashes recorded. 8,151 of the 8,672 Nigerians that got injured, representing 94% of the figure, are adults while the remaining 521 Nigerians, representing 6% of the figure are children. 6,422 male Nigerians, representing 74%, got injured in road crashes in Q1 while 2,250 female Nigerians, representing 26%, got injured.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics