Transport Fare Watch (December 2023)

Executive Summary

Transport Fare Watch for December 2023 covers the following categories: bus journey within the city per drop constant route; bus journey intercity (state route) charge per person; air fare charge for specified routes single journey; journey by motorcycle (Okada) per drop; and water way passenger transport. The average fare paid by commuters for bus journeys within the city per drop declined to 13.83% from N1,047.64 in November to N902.70 in December 2023. On a year-on year basis, it rose by 40.03% from N644.66 in December 2022.
In another category, the average fare paid by commuters for bus journey intercity per drop was N7,402.16 in December 2023, indicating an increase of 19.26% on a month-on-month basis compared to N6,206.53 in November 2023. On a year-on-year basis, the fare rose by 86.40% from N3,971.22 in December 2022. In air travel, the average fare paid by air passengers for specified routes single journey was N85,692.12 in December 2023, showing an increase of 5.36% while compared to previous month (November 2023).
On a year-on -year basis, the fare rose by 14.87% from N74,597.30 in December 2022. The average transport fare paid on Okada transportation was N419.73 in December 2023 which declined by 11.29% when compared with the value recorded in November 2023 (N473.13). On a year-on-year basis, the fare declined by 9.04% when compared with December 2022 (N461.45). For water transport (waterway passenger transportation), the average fare paid in December 2023 increased to N1,386.76 from N1,352.70 which indicates an increase of 2.52% on monthly basis. On a year-on-year basis, it increased by 34.77% from N1,029.00 in December 2022.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics