Road Transport Data Q3 2022

Key Highlights

The total number of road traffic crashes in Q3 2022 was 3,412, showing an increase of 3.96% from the previous quarter which recorded 3,282 and an 8.87% rise from 3,134 recorded in Q3 2021.
• Of all crashes, serious cases stood top in Q3 2022 with 2,337 compared to fatal and minor cases with 720 and 355 respectively. In addition, serious and minor cases were higher in the quarter under review relative to the preceding quarter by 11.02% and 0.28% respectively, while fatal cases declined by 12.52%.
• As a result, a total of 1,155 males were killed in Q3 2022, accounting for 78.25% of 1,476 persons killed, compared to 321 (21.75%) females killed.
• Also, a total of 7,062 males were injured during the period, showing 76.28% of 9,258 injured persons relative to 2,196 (23.72%) females injured.
• A total of 5,421 vehicles were involved in road traffic crashes in Q3 2022, higher compared to Q2 2022 which recorded 5,263, indicating an increase of 3.00%.
• The North-Central recorded the highest number of crashes in Q3 2022 with 1,169, followed by the South-West with 872, while the South-East had the least with 185.
• Similarly, the North-Central recorded the highest number of casualties with 3,086, followed by the North -West with 2,608, while the South-South recorded the least with 520. 

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics