Postal Service Data 2021

Executive Summary

The Nigerian Postal Service earned N3.63bn in 2021, lower than the revenue in 2020 by 22.79%. EMS/Speedpost generated the highest income with N1.27bn, representing 35.14% of the total revenue generated for the year. This was followed by Parcel clearance/delivery fee with N689.12mn, and NIPOST Premises/Space with N299.66mn, representing 18.96% and 8.25% respectively.

In addition, the agency handled a total of 17,656,768 mails domestically and internationally in 2021. About 8,111,461 mails were handled domestically, representing 45.94% of the total mails, while 1,040,461 mails were dispatched abroad, representing 5.89% of the total mails.

However, 8,504,846 mails were received from abroad and delivered in Nigeria, representing 48. 17% of the total mails handled in the year. Also, in 2021, the number of Post Offices in Nigeria stood at 2,794.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics