Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) Price Watch (July 2022)

Executive Summary

The average retail price of Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) paid by consumers in July 2022 was N774.38 per litre, an increase of 208.74% from N250.82 per litre recorded in the corresponding month of the previous year. On a month-on-month basis, this increased by 5.53% from N733.78 per litre reported in June 2022. On state profile analysis, the highest average price of the product in July 2022 was recorded in Plateau with N866.00, followed by Oyo with N860.00, and Ebonyi with N851.43. On the other hand, the lowest price was recorded in Yobe with N686.67, followed by Katsina with N695.00 and Gombe with N722.00. Furthermore, analysis by zone showed that the South-East had the highest price with N802.89, while the North-East recorded the lowest price with N747.72.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics