Rail Transportation Data (Full Year 2021)

Executive Summary

The rail transportation data for 2021 showed that a total of 2,714,458 passengers travelled via train compared to 1,020,368 passengers recorded in 2020, representing a 166.03% rise. Similarly, a total of 168,301 tons of goods were transported in 2021 as against 87,440 recorded in 2020, showing a growth rate of 92.48%. Total revenue generated from passengers in 2021 was N5.70 billion, higher by 226.44% than the N1.75 billion recorded in 2020. In addition, revenue generated from goods in 2021 amounted to N317.57 million, higher by 12.87% compared to N281.35 million in 2020. Other income receipts in 2021 stood at N66.80 million, higher than the N5.19 million recorded in the preceding year.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics