Nigerian Capital Importation Q4 2021

Executive Summary

The total value of capital importation into Nigeria in the fourth quarter of 2021 stood at $2,187.63 million from $1,731.37 million in the preceding quarter showing an increase of 26.35%. When compared to the corresponding quarter of 2020, capital importation increased by 109.28% from $1,045.32 million. The largest amount of capital importation by type was received through other investment, which accounted for 54.24% ($1,186.53 million). This was followed by Portfolio Investment with 29.39% ($642.87 million) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) amounted to 16.38% ($358.23 million) of total capital imported in Q4 2021. Disaggregated by Sectors, capital importation into tanning had the highest inflow of $645.59 million amounting to 29.51% of total capital imported in the fourth quarter of 2021. This was followed by capital imported into the Production sector, valued at $360.06 million (16.46%) and the Electricals sector with $325.55 million (14.88%).

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics