Power Sector Data 2021 : Energy Generated and Sent Out

Executive Summary

Electricity generated in Q1, 2021 was 9,717.81 (Gwh), indicating 0.5 percent increase compared to Q4, 2020, which recorded 9,668.16 (Gwh) while electricity transmitted under the same period was 9,519.75 (Gwh). In Q2, 2021, electricity generated stood at 8,917.81 (Gwh) which shows a decline of 8.23 percent compared to Q1, 2021. In addition, electricity transmitted, recorded 8,728.87 (Gwh) in Q2, 2021.
Furthermore, electricity generated in Q3, 2021 decreased by 2.62 percent recording 8,684.50 (Gwh) while under the same period 8,510.84 (Gwh) was transmitted. However, electricity generated in Q4, 2021 rose by 4.53 percent with 9,077.80 (Gwh) compared to Q3, 2021, while 8,894.97 (Gwh) was transmitted. In general, total generation in 2021, stood at 36,397.92 (Gwh), while 35,654.43 (Gwh) was transmitted.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics