Social Statistics In Nigeria 2020


The need for credible and timely socio-economic data in Nigeria has continued to be of growing interest, given that the country is a huge destination for investment. Also, the current socio-economic challenges being faced by the country has made it imperative for quantitative socio-economic data to be generated on regular basis.
As the coordinator of the National Statistical System (NSS) and the authoritative source of all official statistics in Nigeria, the National Bureau of Statistics; herein referred as the Bureau, ensures collaborations across all tiers of governments and civil societies organisations in statistical delivery on all facets of human endeavours towards meeting the data demands of policymakers and users both within and outside the country.
This publication is in the league of the Bureau’s specific mandate of collecting, collating, processing, analysing and disseminating statistical information on all facets of the Nigerian economy as well as coordinating the production of relevant official statistics at all levels of governance in Nigeria.
Data source: National Bureau of Statistics