Selected Food Prices Watch (October 2021)

Executive Summary

Selected Food Price Watch Report for October 2021 revealed that the average price of 1Kg Beans: white black eye. sold loose size increased year-on-year by 54.72% and month-on month by 0.68% to N464.74 in October 2021 from N461.59 in September 2021 and N300.37 in October 2020. Also the average price of 1Kg Beef, boneless increased year-on-year by 28.16% and month-on-month by 0.04% to N1,768.78 in October 2021 from N1,768.14 in September 2021 and N1380.14 in October 2020 respectively.
The average price of 1Kg Titus (frozen) increased by 35.50% year-on-year and decreased by 0.13% month-on-month to N1,424.58 in October 2021 from N1,426.42 in September 2021 and N1,051.36. Similarly, the average price of a Loaf of Bread sliced 500g increased by 18.64% year-on-year but and fell by 0.50% month-on-month respectively to N382.77 in October 2021 from N384.73 in September 2021 and 322.61 in October 2020.
The average price of 1Kg Vegetable oil:1 bottle, specify bottle increased by 36.90% year-on-year to N825.46 in October 2021 from N602.96 in October 2020 and by 1.54% month on month from N 812.94 in September 202

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics