Statistician-General’s Keynote Address on the World Statistics Day (WSD) Celebrations 2020

Theme: Connecting the World with Data we Can Trust

Distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen it is an honour and pleasure to be here with you all on this special occasion of the 2020 World Statistics Day. I thank you all for taking out time to celebrate this occasion with us today, those of you present physically and those joining virtually. A day like this for the global Statistical System, is one where we take out time to celebrate ourselves and the particularly important work we do. The World Statistics Day celebrated on the 20th of October every 5 years provides us an opportunity to highlight and raise awareness of the vital role statistics plays in the world we live in today. So, let me on behalf of the Nigerian statistical system, start by wishing the National Statistical System in the country and indeed across the globe, a happy world statistics day.

Data source: National Bureau of Statistics